Combining imagination with over 20 years experience. We are firm believers that 90% of the work that goes into an event should take place in the office in advance.

Each event or show starts life as a CAD plan with all elements being plotted to scale. These CAD plans are then amended and kept up to date as changes to the design are made. From these plans, detailed scale 3D visuals can be drawn up for client approval and to give those working on the show a clear vision of what is to be achieved.

A detailed production schedule is also created making sure all the equipment arrives on site at the right time, in the right order, with the right technicians, so when the trucks roll into the venue everything goes together smoothly and efficiently. One crucial element of any production is engaging the right personnel. We pride ourselves on not only bringing together a team of highly talented people, all experts in their chosen field, but on creating a team of helpful, polite people who enjoy their work.

We take our duties and responsibilities in regard to health & safety seriously. As such, and as a matter of course, we prepare all necessary documentation required by law. We can also prepare roof /floor loading calculations, fire evacuation plans and traffic management plans on our clients behalf. We are also SAFE Contractor registered.